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The company is having efficient and motivated trained chemists, operators and workers to take care of the manufacturing activities, utilities and laboratory round the clock. The company also uses the services of consultants in the technical and management fields.

Semi-skilled helpers and skilled operators under the shift chemists carry on the manufacturing activity. They report to the production manager. The entire operation including Quality Assurance Department is the responsibility of the Technical Director.



The company was set up to manufacture bulk drugs and their intermediates. We started with manufacturing Atenolol BP and Norfloxacin USP. After the initial period, we are now concentrating on bulk drug intermediates, fine chemicals and specialty chemicals only.

The company started exports from 1995 and we are proud to say that presently, we export major part of our production to Europe, USA and Japan.

Over a period of time, a company develops certain strengths. Our strength lies in innovative application of technology and chemistry for improvement in existing products and development of new product processes. Some of the reactions handled by us are:
Nitration at low temperatures by concentrated Nitric Acid and Mixed Acid.
Reduction by Iron/HCl, Zinc/HCl or NaOH, Sodium Polysulphide, Sodium Bisulphite and Iodine/Red Phosphorous.
Diazotisation followed by replacement by ľOH, -Cl, -Br, -CN, -H
Esterification of organic acids in presence of Concentrated Sulphuric Acid / Ion Exchange resins.
Oxidation by Air, Sodium Dichromate, Potassium Permanganate.
Amonolysis by pressure reactions.
Dehydro Cyclisation reactions
Chlorosulphonation reactions
Cryogenic reactions upto (-) 20 Deg. Cent.
Grignard reactions
Reactions involving the use of Aluminum Chloride, Thionyl Chloride, Bromine, Sodium Metal, Cuprous Chloride, Cuprous Bromide, Cuprous Cyanide, Sodium Cyanide etc.
Please refer to our attached List of Products currently manufactured and offered for exports. This list does not include products manufactured exclusively for our foreign clients.



We take care to train all personnel in all aspects of safety and first aid. We are happy to say that there have been no major accidents in our company up till now.

The company takes all precautions to prevent damage to environment by gaseous emissions, water effluents and solid wastes. All local and governmental regulations are strictly observed.



We started exports in 1995 and presently are exporting to Europe, USA and Japan.

We are proud to say that our clients have faith in our committed delivery schedules and consistently exceeding product specifications.







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